Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Why is Time Travel so Popular?

I was thinking about why it is that people like time travel so much. From H.G. Wells to the never-ending Doctor Who franchise, it seems people are always ready for the next chapter in time travel storytelling.

Time travel is popular for a lot of reasons, but I think one reason—that often goes overlooked—is that people are not by nature linear creatures. We spend a good deal of our time thinking about the past, sometimes living in the past. We remember and bring to life people and events, the good and the bad. We hopefully put the past in perspective, and when necessary use those recollections to help heal from any trauma, or we bring forward a remembrance of a wonderful moment that helps inspire us in our present day. We’ll think of our parents and think of the past. We’ll look at our children and think of the future.

With too much recollection or prediction, we might reprimand ourselves for not just living in the moment. Being truly and consciously aware and in the moment is not an easy task. Our minds can dart from the past to the future, then back to the here and now, hundreds of times a day—sometimes to a dizzying degree if we pay close attention to those time shifts.

Maybe we’re drawn to stories and adventures of time travel, because it touches on the time journeys we make every day, but don’t take the time to notice.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Time Travel is an old story. I'm telling it in a different way.

One World Over Time is an unconventional read. The story begins as a series of blog posts, and Maria Somerton is the first blogger you'll meet. Maria leads a team of time travel agents. It's her job to open new time doors and help prepare travel destinations for the arrival of guests.
In the year 2415, time travel is big business. One World Over Time leads the industry, offering fun, educational, recreational and safe time travel. Maria and her team carefully prepare and curate vacation packages, transporting paying guests to Time Zone points of historical or recreational interest. This time, the point in history is Seattle in the year 2015. The centerpiece of this tour is the Fourth of July and the announcement of a world-altering scientific discovery. 

Maria's first task upon opening the time door is to approach a prospective indigenous contact from the year 2015. Jeff Bennett teaches a class at a Seattle community college primarily designed to help people learn to navigate social media. Maria joins the class as a student, bringing a plausible and completely truthful reason for her interest in the subject matter. Maria needs to create a blog for her employer. Her other hidden reason is to connect with Jeff and attempt to gain his cooperation as an indigenous contact. 

The story continues in a series of blog posts. First Maria--then other team members--post in their own voice their interactions with Jeff and their preparations for the big July Fourth historical event. While they need the perspective of their indigenous contact, they're soon confronted with an unexpected request from Jeff that will challenge them in ways they didn't anticipate.


As the story unfolds, themes of climate change, capitalism, socialism, and corruption interweave and intersect between the worlds of 2415 and 2015. Then, something happens. At this point, the book abruptly shifts from first-person blog posts to an omniscient present-day narrative. The team--and the reader--are transported and immersed into the full-color textures of life in the year 2415, where everyone awakens to understand that hidden forces are at work. 

One World Over Time, Book 1, sets up the series that will explore the nature of time and the forces that seek to control and contain it. As you'll learn in the stories to follow, the past, the present, and the future are more fluid than you could ever imagine. 

Your vacation starts now, with One World Over Time, Book 1.

Monday, August 28, 2017

I did it! I finished the book!!

ONE WORLD OVER TIME is out there—on Amazon. Anyone can click here to read the sample pages or even buy it!

It’s the year 2415, and ONE WORLD OVER TIME is the industry leader in providing Fun, Educational, Recreational and Safe Time Travel.

Maria Somerton is the Project Key who will unlock the time door to one of the most anticipated Moonstone Events in the history of ONE WORLD OVER TIME (a Time Travel Agency.) Maria and a team of four other Time Travel professionals will be going 400 years—back in time—from 2415 to 2015.

The Team will arrive in Seattle on April 30, 2015, to begin making preparations to bring guests to witness an historical event that will take place on July 4, 2015.

Before that happens, Maria must enlist the help of a Seattle resident indigenous to the year 2015.

Maria and her team will document their story in a series of blog posts. While going virtually unnoticed in 2015, readers back home in 2415 will follow the blog’s twists and turns—all leading up to the July Fourth 2015 Moonstone Event.

I’m so excited for my characters to be stepping out into the light! And, I’m even more excited to be done with Book 1, so I can focus on writing and continuing the story with Book 2.